Halstar, the Rising Star Pokemon.

Halstar is known as the Rising Star Pokemon. It is the second known Pre-Evolved form of a legendary pokemon: Jirachi. Its types are Psychic/ Steel and it weighs 29 Lb and is 2'3.

Halstar created the giant shooting star that is threatening the universe. Halstar created it by battling it's eternal rival: Dex. The twos battle are notorious and world threatening.

Halstar evolves with the Shiny Stone while wearing the Metallic Ribbon. It is the second known pre-evolution of a legend.

Here are Halstars abilities:

Shooting Star: Whenever Halstar uses a contact move, it's speed goes higher and it strengthens the move Swift.

RIsing Star: It makes Ground Moves innefective, but also raises it's speed every time a ground move is attempted.

Eternal Light: Instead of charging for moves, a light flashes and it uses it in one turn and lowers opponent's accuracy.


Shooting Star: 65%

Rising Star: 30%

Eternal Light: 5%

Needs: Moves

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